Stop betting your future on the wrong technology.


Most TA leaders know they don’t have the right tech in place. Yet, they still rely on traditional methods because change is hard and painful. We’ve sat in your seat and we’ve felt that pain. But we’ve learned a better way. And our job is to help you put it in place.

We help you get the right technology to deliver the results you need

We’re fortunate to work with some of the best companies on the planet. 

We give you clarity to drive confidence and real business results.

We’ve all been through the slog. Endless sales pitches and emails. Painful RFPs. Tech that doesn’t deliver. Sagemark’s model is rooted in simplifying the complex challenges keeping you from driving real recruiting innovation with the right tech.

Our Services

Consulting and advisory engagements focused on helping organizations with over 5000 employees optimize their recruiting technology, process and costs.

Current practices and technology assessment

TA opportunity prioritization by ROI and strategic value

Customized recommendations, business case and solution roadmap

We help you get the right technology to deliver the results you need

Our Proven Methodology


Listen first and identify the gaps and sticking points in your current process that may be holding you and your team back.


Use our deep industry expertise in strategic talent practices and HR technology to identify opportunities for improvement.


Recommend a customized solution that will leverage the best tools the market has to offer (many of which you’ve never even heard of).


Work with you to operationalize those tools with your recruiting practices so that your team is comfortable, competent, and effective with the software we help implement.

We’ll help you bridge the gap from traditional to modern recruiting, without the painful learning curve.

Connect with us to explore how our services can help you

You’re unique. So are your challenges. 

But technology alone is rarely a magic solution.

There’s nothing cookie cutter about large TA organizations, and a technology solution is rarely the magic wand that can solve everything. We spend time understanding your specific challenges first, because if the solution doesn’t align with your problems, it’s never going to deliver results.

What Our Clients Say

About Sagemark HR

Who we are? We’re kinda obsessed with TA 🙂

We have decades of experience in TA. We’ve seen every tool and technology. We know what works. Our job is to help you get your transformation right- driving real results that make a business impact. 

Ryan Dull

Founder and former VP of Talent Acquisition

 I have spent my entire professional career in talent and started Sagemark with the mission to help make it easier for other talent leaders to select the right recruiting technology and become business champions

Our Podcast

On the Talent Acquisition Leaders Podcast, Ryan Dull  interviews today’s industry leaders in talent acquisition to discuss challenges, best practices, and what the future holds. If you are working in talent acquisition and have always wanted to sit down with your peers at other companies and pick their brain, this show is the next best thing. Topics for the show will include: recruiting, talent acquisition, recruiting technology, HR tech, and recruiting innovation..

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