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“Ryan is the business brain that is needed in the human resources space... Ryan continues to lead in technology solutions and brings the right options by learning my unique business needs. I consider Ryan the best in the space and my go to resource.”
Jon Finch
VP of Training and Recruiting at Milwaukee Tool
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New software only helps when it solves your problems and fits your organization.

As a TA leader, you’ve got some big challenges on your hands:

Your current hiring process works... but it's not ideal.

Your team is spending a lot of time working, but you’re not always finding the right candidates because there are just too many openings to fill.

The truth is, the average recruiting process has a ton of recruiting tasks: most of them administrative, and few of them that actually add value to hiring the best talent for the role.

Each year the bar is raised a little higher.

You’re asked to reduce time to hire and get more high-quality talent in the door, without any additional resources.

The issues arise when you hit capacity and you’re faced with thousands of candidates to screen. At that point, your team isn’t thinking about targets, they’re just trying to get through the day.

The new HR tech you hear about sounds great...

But when you dig in, it gets confusing, and you’re not sure how it would actually work in your organization.

You hear from more than your fair share of software sales teams each week, but even after you’ve invested your (limited) time into email back-and-forth, phone calls, and live product demos, you’re still not sold on what real value they will add.

We tackle the problem after we’ve identified your specific needs first.

But technology alone is rarely a magic solution.
The truth is, no single solution works for every organization. And not only can implementing the wrong technology be costly, it can also set your organization back, rather than move it forward.
That’s why we act as a partner to our clients, rather than recommend a specific technology. Because if it doesn’t fit your process, it’s not going to deliver results, no matter what its capabilities.
Our Process

Listen first and identify the gaps and sticking points in your current process that may be holding you and your team back.


Use our deep industry expertise in strategic talent practices and HR technology to identify opportunities for improvement.


Recommend a customized solution that will leverage the best tools the market has to offer (many of which you’ve never even heard of).


Work with you to operationalize those tools with your recruiting practices so that your team is comfortable, competent, and effective with the software we help implement.

We’ll help you bridge the gap from traditional to modern recruiting, without the painful learning curve.

“I was referred to Ryan and Sagemark HR to help review our current recruiting practices and identify potential opportunities for improvement... He is a true expert in the TA and HR Technology space and brought up several potential technology solutions that we were not aware existed… We have implemented one of his recommendations to help automate some of our candidate sourcing activities and I plan to continue to leverage Ryan and his expertise to help us identify technology solutions to improve and modernize our recruiting practices.”
Joe Krautkramer
Director of Recruiting
We’ll keep you up to date on the top HR tech you can implement in your process to save time, make better hires, and make your team more effective.

About Sagemark HR

Hi, I’m Ryan and I started Sagemark HR to help organizations improve their talent practices and make better, more informed people decisions.

After 20+ years of experience leading Recruiting and Talent Acquisition across a wide variety of industries, I’ve seen enough hires (over 100,000 to date) to know that hiring decisions truly can make or break an organization.

I also know that making improvements almost never involves a “quick fix,” but instead a strategic view of the entire process paired with diligent consideration of the specifics.

It may sound cliche, but every situation really is unique, and the devil is in the details.

We believe recruiting, talent, and HR technology is a deep well of untapped business potential, and our mission is to help you identify and implement those tools in a way that works for you.

“I have known Ryan for several years, and he is a true expert in Talent Acquisition and TA Technology. When I started in my current role in a fairly high-volume environment, I knew he would be a valuable resource to help my team and me think through our improvement strategies to optimize tools and processes related to workloads, candidate pipeline quality, and new hire turnover, among others.

Ryan did an excellent job partnering with us. He has a unique ability to quickly understand current practices and the challenges teams face before recommending solutions. His expertise in HR Technology and his ability to customize solutions that are easily integrated with existing systems and practices helped us quickly arrive at solutions that have been well-received, and that we anticipate will drive significant improvements in key metrics.”
Victor P. Gaines II
Vice President, Recruiting and Talent Management at Comcast

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