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The Digital Recruiting Strategy Workshop

Presented by Sagemark HR

Where: The Mirage, Las Vegas, Nevada

When: October 1, 2019

The one-day workshop designed to guide you and your organization through what’s usually a cumbersome, confusing, months-long recruiting strategy development process in a single, hyper-productive session.

We’ll help you develop your own custom digital recruiting strategy and build a foundation for upgrading your talent acquisition capabilities and making better, more informed people decisions.

Or start by scheduling a 15-minute call with Ryan to learn more.

As talent acquisition continues to become more competitive, complex, and technology-driven…

Most organizations recognize that traditional approaches to recruiting are quickly becoming ineffective.

That doesn’t mean that the path forward is clear. In fact, it’s often quite the opposite:
  • Most TA leaders know they need to invest in technology, but are far from sure where to start. As a result, they continue along with a process that takes too long, doesn’t produce enough quality candidates, and leaves their team over-capacity and struggling to find the time to meet their objectives.
  • Developing a digital recruiting strategy and navigating the complex ecosystem of available technology can be a challenging, expensive and time-consuming process. My experience has shown traditional strategic planning in this area to take up to 3-6 months, time in which your organization is falling further behind.
  • Top performing talent acquisition organizations continue to “widen the gap” by transforming their delivery models to provide a more efficient digital experience. They’re sourcing better candidates, faster, at a lower cost of hire; and developing a massive competitive advantage in the process.

But here’s the good news…

A strong, well-organized digital recruiting strategy can rapidly transform your organization’s hiring performance.

Which is exactly what we were able to help organizations like Comcast, 3M, Stryker, Duke Energy and Rockwell Automation do, by applying a systematic approach and a deep knowledge of the current recruiting and technology landscape.

“Ryan has a unique ability to quickly understand current practices and the challenges teams face before recommending solutions. Sagemark's expertise in HR Technology and Ryan's ability to customize solutions that are easily integrated with existing systems and practices helped us quickly arrive at solutions that have been well-received, and that we anticipate will drive significant improvements in key metrics.”
Victor P. Gaines II
Vice President, Recruiting and Talent Management at Comcast
“Ryan is the business brain that is needed in the human resources space. I appreciate his focus on the financial value for every solution... Every project results in more engaged people and better financial results for the company. Ryan continues to lead in technology solutions and brings the right options by learning my unique business needs. I consider Ryan the best in the space and my go to resource.”
Jon Finch
VP of Training and Recruiting at Milwaukee Tool

And it’s the same process we’ll be presenting this during The Digital Recruiting Strategy Workshop this October.


During this intensive one-day workshop you will…

  • Hear an overview of the current recruiting and technology landscape
  • Learn about the difference between traditional and digital recruiting practices
  • Review the most common mistakes organizations make with their recruiting technology strategy
  • Receive expert guidance on how to best navigate the confusing and frustrating ecosystem of recruiting technology to quickly identify your best-fit solutions
  • Go through an efficient systematic approach to building your own custom digital recruiting strategy
  • Take a process that usually takes 3-6 months and compress that into a one-day session

Your recruiting workshop facilitators

ryan dull

Ryan Dull

Founder & CEO, Sagemark HR


Ryan will lead this workshop on creating a digital transformation in recruiting. He and his firm have worked with many organizations such as Comcast, 3M, Ally Financial and Stryker Medical to help build out custom recruiting technology roadmaps that enable digital transformation.

mike mcmillan

Michael McMillan

Vice President, Global Talent Acquisition, Stryker 


Michael is a business-oriented global talent acquisition leader offering creative and strategic approach to effective corporate and executive recruitment processes and practices. In this process he’s developed a unique approach to recruitment process improvement and recruiter assessment and development. Previous to his work at Stryker, Mike has led talent acquisition programs at other leading organizations, such as EDMC, Mylan Inc, and Pantheon.

Victor P Gaines, II

Vice President, Recruiting and Talent Management, Comcast 


Victor has a lengthy track record of leading high-performing organizations to build scalable and sustainable talent models in support of complex and high-volume human capital demands at some of the world’s largest and most influential companies. Prior to his work at Comcast, Victor has spent time on the leading edge of recruitment at organizations such as IBM, Merion Publications, CIGNA, McKesson, and Fiserv.

Register for The Digital Recruiting Strategy Workshop

And give your talent acquisition capabilities a major upgrade this year.

Where: The Mirage, Las Vegas, Nevada

When: October 1, 2019

$3,500 per seat

If you’d like to attend, click the button below to fill out the registration form. Additional details on venue and schedule will be provided as we get closer to the workshop date.

Or start by scheduling a 15-minute call with Ryan to learn more.

"Before working with Sagemark HR and Ryan, we were wasting a lot of time reviewing the wrong recruiting technology solutions for our needs. Ryan was able to quickly help us pull together a strategy and identify the right fit solutions."
craig hanson
Craig Hanson
Director of Human Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this workshop be held at the Global HR Technology Conference?

This workshop is not affiliated with the Global HR Technology Conference. If you are attending though, we would love to have join us beforehand to develop your customized Digital Recruiting Strategy and prep you for the conference.

What is Digital Recruiting and Talent Acquisition?

Top performing talent acquisition organizations are transforming their delivery models to provide a more efficient digital experience.

Those organizations who are performing at a high level and successfully engaging top talent typically have abandoned the traditional recruiting model where recruiters and other HR resources manually complete most steps of the recruiting and selection process.

Instead, they leverage methods such as:

  • Recruitment marketing and sourcing automation solutions to engage talent more effectively.
  • Automated screening and predictive hiring tools to help identify the best fit candidates and provide insight.
  • Automation of routine tasks like scheduling, reference checking, employee referrals, background checks, etc.

By transforming the delivery model and implementing best fit technology solutions the top performing TA organizations are able to move their recruiting resources away from transactional elements of the process and toward higher value interactions with top candidates, hiring managers and business leaders.

This digital delivery model creates scale, improved consistency of stakeholder experience, more informed hiring decisions and dramatically reduces the time it takes to fill talent needs.

Examples of Digital Recruiting Solutions:

  • Recruiting Automation
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Matching Technology
  • Machine Learning
  • Chat Bots
  • Predictive Hiring Tools
  • Talent Analytics
  • Recruitment Marketing and Candidate Relationship Engines

If you have any additional questions about what this transition looks like I’d be happy to answer. Just send me an email at

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